Thursday, September 22, 2011

Should people get tax breaks for ';sex change';?

';The U.S. Tax Court ruled Tuesday that a Massachusetts woman should be allowed to deduct the costs of her sex-change operation, a decision that could have broad implications for trans-gender people.

Rhiannon O’Donnabhain (oh-DON’-oh-vin), who was born a man, sued the Internal Revenue Service after the agency rejected a $5,000 deduction for approximately $25,000 in medical expenses associated with the sex-change surgery.

The IRS said the surgery was cosmetic and not medically necessary.

In its decision Tuesday, the tax court said the IRS position was “at best a superficial characterization of the circumstances” that is “thoroughly rebutted by the medical evidence.”

The legal group Gay %26amp; Lesbian Advocates %26amp; Defenders, which represented O’Donnabhain, said the ruling could potentially affect thousands of people a year in the U.S. who undergo similar operations.';

-AP Story

Mentally ill people have been known to think they are a lot of crazy things. Birds, Dogs, Cats, etc. How crazy is it to encourage them to mutilate their bodies this way.

Little girls are put through pure torture with their genitalia being mutilated in many Islamic cultures. What next, are we going to allow that in the U.S. (and give tax breaks for it?'; Heaven help us!Should people get tax breaks for ';sex change';?
NO WAY It is not MEDICALLY necessary. THen ALL people who change thier body because of body issues should get a tax ride off too. This is ridiculous. Where do gay and transgendered people think they are above others with problems or somehow they are on a different plane of existence. I am horrified how many people rights are being offended by this. SO if a person needs to have surgery in order to have good body image and feel ';whole'; or ';correct'; they can not have the same deduction?

YOu will see. The gay and transgendered movement will continue to squash our rights by making themselves ';special'; in the laws eyes.Should people get tax breaks for ';sex change';?
I'd love to see GLAD explain where they got their ';thousands of people a year in the US who undergo similiar operations'; stat. Does anyone really believe that? Fuzzy math at best.
why not? we just wiped out thousands of innocent kids over in irock, remember bypal india ? we wiped out thousands of families over there,, so why cant we help our own people?
No, I don′t think they should.
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  • Question on the constitution (more clear)?

    Our constitution says nothing about the people paying taxes to the government.

    So my question is: Is it possible to live without paying taxes. (according to the constitution, it should be possible).

    If so, why do we still pay taxes? - (when we don't want to, because I know some people do want to)

    OK, so your saying a bunch of people got together (government), and decided that everyone is going to pay them taxes, and they decide how they want to spend that money?

    We work, we use our time, and we cant keep our money?

    I seriously don't see how this could be fair.

    I'm glad I don't have to do taxes, but doing them seems just unreasonable.

    Same with health care.

    Say, some person is drinking and having sex with everyone, and spreads disease, and uses drugs, and does dangerous things. They want to use my money to provide health care for them?

    If I don't take care of my car: don't give it maintenance, no oil changes, no break changes, no aliments, not car washes, and I drive like I want, and go crazy on the roads. Should the government pay to fix my car? Lets have the government pay (with our taxes) for all the car repairs also, Hmmm?

    The same thing with everything else. Why does the governments try to get itself involved with everything in a persons life?

    I believe a country ought to have government for protection. Not for dictation of their lives. Even though its not a dictatorship.

    I don't see how this is fair. Why can't we just pay the amount when we need to for our problem. Why does this go in with taxes?

    With this going on it makes me think that the group in charge of taxes could be doing even better than the time of the slaves.

    Think about it. We work all day, have just enough money to pay our rent, our health care, our bills, our mortgage, our food. And we pay the rest for the government taxes.

    this does not sound like freedom to me!

    They want to have a license for me to get property, they want me to get a license to get a house on my property, they want a license for me to cut down a tree on my property, they want a license for me to get married, to have kids, to do everything in this country.

    What happened to this country being the home of the free?

    We are not free to do anything without the governments permission.

    I'm only 16, and don't have a job yet, and thinking about this does not make me appreciate our country.Question on the constitution (more clear)?
    16th amendment and it sucks. time to repeal it.Question on the constitution (more clear)?
    Article I of the constitution says that all tax legislation begins in the House of Reps.

    The 16th Amendment specifically authorizes the income tax.

    It's all about living in society, honey.

    Everyone contributes for everyone's benefit.

    If you don't like it, then don't use the police, fire dept., EMS, sidewalks, schools, street lights, parks, libraries, clean air, clean water, safe food, hospitals, streets, interstate highways, safe cars, school lunches, and everything else that we TAXPAYERS pay for.

    Yes, your school lunches.

    Even if you think you pay ';full price';, that only covers HALF the cost of producing and distributing the meal.

    The TAXPAYERS pick up the rest of the bill.

    Shut up.

    Grow up,

    Learn something.
    Income Tax was introduced to fund the Civil War. The Socialist Labor Union escalated the situation. Unfortunately, whenever a tax is created - it is rarely removed or decreased. I remember when the tolls booths (at one location) were erected on the Kennedy Expressway here in Chicago. the plan would only be there long enough to collect enaough tolls to pay for the expressway - and then it would be removed.

    long after the construction was paid for, not only did they not remove the booths, they added 4 more. It's the greed and corruption in Government. they see a money source to start funding different - personal and pet projects - and suck us dry.
    Sorry, it all has to do with the legality of the 16th ammendment to the constitution.
    Taxes pay people like Pelosi. My problem with it is this. If you own a business, you make a certain amount of money and your employees considerably less. The US is a business, of which we are all owners and the elected officials work for us. How the hell is it that we are stupid enough to pay them more than we make ourselves??? I am a cop and make about 32000 a year. Pelosi gets 147000 from us. Why does she need more than me to live? If you dont pay taxes, she will be on you like Raid on a cockroach.

    How to deal with ex-boyfriend changing after break-up?

    Ex-boyfriend and I were together for several years. After a hideous breakup, moving on and getting married to other people, we decided to become friends a couple years later.

    Can you explain: why is it that all the things I wanted him to change (smoking, drinking habits, getting a better job, going on more vacations instead of working so much) - he did AFTER he met his new wife?

    I am happily married, and have no wish to go back to that - so it isn't a ';I want him back'; scenario. Just some insight as to why...

    I am not asking for personal criticisms - but why is it that sometimes you try to wish change upon a person, to make him a healthier, happier person - so that when you finally give up - they change for the better, when they are no longer with you??

    Some insights?How to deal with ex-boyfriend changing after break-up?
    Maybe he did these things after you broke up cos he probably realised what you were saying was true.

    At least u didn't have to put up with him when he was changing that could have been bad 4 u! Glad ur happy now!

    Instructions on how to change my covers (casing) over on a sony ericsson w810i ?

    hi there i have just purchased a new set of covers for my sony ericsson w810i and it came with tools (green opener tool n special screwdrier) can anone tell me or say we i can get a step by step guide of dismantling one pls so can change over without breaking . cheersInstructions on how to change my covers (casing) over on a sony ericsson w810i ?

    This is a very risky job you are wanting to do, i suggest you go to your local phone supplier and ask them to do it(because if it breaks you can blame them not yourself), but i am not here to tell you what not to but i am here to help. The link below will show you exactly how to take it off. BE VERY CAUTIOUS.

    i will also email you my username and password which will help you get past the login. when you are puttin your phone back togather just do all the steps in reverse order.

    Username: vane_w12

    Password: streetwise

    How much are golf break pads and fitting likely to cost? Also a radiator?

    Just taken my n reg golf to the garage, he found an oil leak straight away and said it's 拢6 for oil filter...probably will need my break pads changing as well....there's a water leak this going to be expensive??How much are golf break pads and fitting likely to cost? Also a radiator?
    brake pads are about 45 bucks and thats for good ceramic pads and the radiator you can buy new for under 200 at kragen

    How to calculate the change in heat of the reaction that breaks down methane?

    the formula


    I know the initial heat but how about the final heat??How to calculate the change in heat of the reaction that breaks down methane?
    In terms of bond energies:

    Enthalpy Change = Bond Enthalpy of bonds broken - Bond Enthalpy of bonds made

    Hope this helps

    Fiancee suddenly changed and broke up with me ... is it just anxiety?

    Beautiful relationship of three years. Engaged on NYE. Girlfriend / Fiancee was all excited and lovey dovey up until yesterday. Two days ago she is on the phone with my mother and then me with her mother talking about our wedding, etc. We have been together a long time and she was planning to move to my town to be with me next month. Literally overnight she does a 180 and abruptly breaks up with me saying she is too young and doesnt have enough life experience, etc .... Keep in mind not new issues and she has been the one pushing marriage. Now I guess I am single all of a sudden? WTF? Is this kind of anxiety / cold feet normal and is she going to snap out of it or are we really broken up? Her entire family is pissed at her and on my side. But she is stubborn and I guess now not only doesn't want to be engaged but also doesn't want to be in this relationship. I am shell shocked and embarrassed. And confused as hell. Seriously 24 hours earlier she was going on and on about how excited and in love she was etc ... And I'm not sure what to do.Fiancee suddenly changed and broke up with me ... is it just anxiety?
    I think all you can do now is wait...but almost always when people make extreme decisionslike that they are not real. It will work out :)Fiancee suddenly changed and broke up with me ... is it just anxiety?
    If you are sub 23 don't get married. You are both too young.
    Yeah sounds like anxiety to me, she must not be ready. Better this happens now than a divorce down the road.
    It happens alot; especially around our age. I feel bad cause I did the same thing to my bf right after military boot camp. However; our relationship did have alot of problems that would have surely made it to divorce if I was there. But alot of the reason was I had only been in this one relationship for 4 years and thought ';if i get married; my life is over';. I didnt like the pressure. The idea that at 22 yrs old the fun of going out might stop before it needed to.

    She might just need time to rethink things. She might come around; and if she does she might just want to be in a relationship...but since shes pissed off your family...she has alot of explaining or good to make up in order to get accepted in the family again.

    sorry about your situation. i was also dumped today.
    She was going to have to move to your town.That could be a very big deal. That bit of information makes me think she got scared. It's possible she is panicking as the reality of what she was about to do set in. Having cold feet may be common, but that doesn't mean it's not a serous matter.

    You need to camp out on her doorstep until she gives you a better explanation. You deserve it! If you really get to the bottom of the matter, you just might find that it is something ridiculous like fear of moving to a new location.
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